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Snap-on EPC Plugins

Snap-on Integration Professional - v2.0

Snap-on Integration Professional (SIP) enhances the interaction between the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) and CDK Parts transaction screens. Through SIP integration, key information such as parts availability, location and pricing information are easily viewed inside the EPC. Once parts are selected they are simply transferred back to the parts invoicing screen for finalization.

Licensing ActiveX Control

Snap-on Integration Professional (SIP) users need the Licensing ActiveX Control installed on each client to access SIP. For assistance, please contact Snap-on technical support at 800.656.4772.


LaunchEPC component for the GM Next Generation EPC.

Integration Assistant

Software allows integration with many DMS applications for the transfering of part numbers.

Version: 3.10.0


Active X Component ver 1.17

Snap-on Active X component for GM and EPC 5