The Complete Vehicle Health Check Solution.

  • Cloud-based web client that provides real-time system updates, with the ability to white label/customise branding.
  • Reporting available online with hierarchical access at an OEM, Group, Region & Site level
  • autoVHC supports dealer processes such as Interactive Reception, Split Process, Standard Workshop Process, FastFit
  • Deferred work follow-up on can be accomplished directly within autoVHC, hopefully increasing customer visits to a dealership.
  • Bi-directional live chat between service team members and the dealership customers, including the ability to share any media and the vehicle health check.
  • Dealership customers can authorise their identified work online through the online authorisation portal
  • Fully-responsive native application can be used without the need for a permanent network connection
  • Integration with 45+ DMS (Dealer Management Systems) at different levels.
  • autoVHC can help to generate incremental OEM parts revenue as well as push consistent OEM / Network processes driving CSI and increasing customer retention
  • autoVHC can deliver an average uplift of £20 per repair order
  • Fully-enabled FastFit module available on both the native application and web client
  • Deferred work follow-up on can be accomplished directly within autoVHC, hopefully increasing customer visits to a dealership.
  • Real-time reporting available at individual dealer or dealer group levels with individual KPI trackers that help give focus to business improvement.
  • Dealer reception interactive service module to help customers track vehicle progress while in the waiting room
  • Automated customer follow up sent via SMS or email.
  • GDPR Compliance module built in to the platform.
  • Reporting available on key metrics across all campaigns.
  • Timely reminders to customers for any deferred work identified in an earlier VHC.
  • Level and frequency of contact, tailored according to urgency. Demonstrates a duty of care on behalf of the motorist while helping to boost sales and customer retention.
  • Helps to streamline service department operations, reducing the need for phone calls.
  • A staging section allowing users to review content that is set to be sent alongside a fulfilment date.
  • Full editor available to modify the marketing message for both email and SMS.
  • Six pre-defined campaigns set up for easy use.

A complete Vehicle Health Check Solution, autoVHC helps technicians to quickly and efficiently identify any maintenance work required through a clear Vehicle Health Check process.

The autoVHC suite of products, which includes autoANALYTICS, autoPREDICTIVE, and autoVIEW truly delivers an unrivaled complete electronic vehicle health check solution.

Auto VHC

autoVHC is a leading provider of automotive solutions aftersales technology. Since 2007, our electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) software has helped dealerships worldwide generate more than £750 million of service business. autoVHC establishes an easy-to-control workflow for your eVHC to deliver additional workshop sales.

autoVHC offer a native application available on both Android & iOS for the eVHC to be completed. The eVHC data is then submitted to a web client where identified items can be priced, sold and reported on. Customers are able to track their vehicle through the workshop process & then authorise their work over the phone with the service advisor or through our online authorisation portal. Any work that is not sold on the day goes into the Follow-up system and / or autoPredictive if the dealership is utilising the module. The workflow gives an easy-to-understand and fully costed summary of further items identified in the eVHC that require rectification.

Vehicle manufacturers and repairers using autoVHC benefit from the integrated autoANALYTICS functionality. autoANALYTICS is your eVHC performance dashboard, providing an easy to understand reporting suite identifying your car health check performance. The system builds transparency and accountability into each step of the eVHC process. In addition, the tool tracks the performance of individual technicians and service advisors. This allows underperformance concerns to be quickly identified and addressed.

autoVHC is endorsed by some of the world’s largest motor manufacturers as a proven way to boost workshop sales. The platform is multi-lingual allowing manufacturers to establish a standardised eVHC process across their networks, delivering consistency of customer experience by in keeping with their preferred brand values.


autoPREDICTIVE is a valuable addition to the core autoVHC system, improving sales of items identified as needing attention before a customer’s next scheduled visit. autoPREDICTIVE uses existing autoVHC system data to automatically email and SMS reminders to your customers when the work identified in the eVHC is due. This increases customer visits and workshop revenue, whilst also providing customers with a helpful and timely reminder of their vehicle maintenance needs.


Using the same tool for both the eVHC inspection and photo/video reduces the time and complexity of operating a separate video system. Photo/Video builds customer trust, making the sales discussion easier for service advisors, and give customers additional information to inform their purchase decision.

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