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USB-Link™ 2 Vehicle Communication Interface

USB-Link™ 2, the next generation vehicle

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eTechnician™ PC-Based Software Application

The eTechnician™ PC-based software application now includes both HDS and LMT. Packaged together for the first time, these essential modules create a diagnostic software application service technicians will depend on to keep trucks on the road.

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Pocket HD™ 2 Handheld Scan Tool

The Pocket HD™ handheld scan tool provides immediate access to critical diagnostic information. Pocket HD™ comes loaded with both Heavy Duty Standard (HDS) and Light and Medium Truck 2016 (LMT). The ability to run special tests is not included.

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Facility Action Team: Your Vision, Our Know-how.

Snap-on Business Solutions brings a renewed focus to facility planning and design. We provide end-to-end support for your service department, from initial consultation, through collaborative planning with architects and contractors, to installation and long-term support. We optimize your service department and equipment for profitable, efficient productivity.

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NEXIQ Blue-Link™ Electronic Logging Devices

Both NEXIQ Blue-Link™ ELDs provide secure communications and firmware updates. Log record notifications automatically occur at 15-minute intervals, or can be requested immediately mobile client. The Blue-Link™ devices also support a fully-documented driver/device API for developing mobile apps to communicate with the ELD.

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NEXIQ Blue-Link™ and Blue-Link™ Mini — Mobile Vehicle Interfaces 

The NEXIQ Blue-Link™ mobile vehicle interfaces enables you to use either your iOS or Android devices (e.g., smartphones or tablets) to communicate with heavy duty vehicles for quick access to basic diagnostic information. They plug into the vehicle’s diagnostic connector, and provide wireless communication with on-board electronic control units.

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