NEXIQ Blue-Link™ and Blue-Link™ Mini — Mobile Vehicle Interfaces 

Use on the go with iOS or Android devices.

  • Award Winner: 2017 PTEN Innovation Awards (Blue-Link™ Mini)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices (pairs easily with both)
  • Provides the ability to export vehicle health reports generated by the First-Link™ app to Navistar® RepairConnect
  • Integrated 16-pin and 9-pin Deutsch connector (Blue-Link™ Mini includes the 9-pin connector only)
  • Simple, one-button design to put the device in Discovery Mode
  • RP1227 support
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient
  • Small—fits in your pocket
  • Wireless—no cables required
  • Reliable Bluetooth® connection
  • Fast—let you quickly gather a snapshot of vehicle statistics

More Information, Fewer Tools with NEXIQ Blue-Link™

The NEXIQ Blue-Link™ mobile vehicle interfaces enables you to use either your iOS or Android devices (e.g., smartphones or tablets) to communicate with heavy duty vehicles for quick access to basic diagnostic information. They plug into the vehicle’s diagnostic connector, and provide wireless communication with on-board electronic control units.

When used in conjunction with First-Link™, the new mobile app from NEXIQ Technologies, either NEXIQ Blue-Link™ product becomes a triage tool for drivers and service technicians of commercial vehicles and equipment. First-Link™ provides features that help drivers connect their mobile devices to the vehicle’s diagnostic port; they also monitor the vehicle’s health status and increase the vehicle’s uptime. If, for example, a Check Engine Light is illuminated, the app assists the driver to understand the cause so that he can seek assistance if needed (i.e., service and repair). Later back at the shop, service technicians can utilize the information gathered by the application to aid in vehicle service and repair.

The First-Link™ app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.


The NEXIQ Blue-Link™ products are supported by a range of accessories.

Interested in more information?

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