Pocket HD™ 2 Handheld Scan Tool

Immediate access to critical diagnostic information.

  • Supports J1708 and J1939 communication
  • View and clear current and historic faults
  • Monitor all vehicle data
  • Check engine speed and load, pressures, temperatures, and more
  • Display trip data
  • Collect and store data from multiple vehicles
  • Can be used as a triage tool.
  • Ideal for the following: Aftermarket diesel technicians, Fleet technicians, OEM dealers (PM techs), Maintenance facilities (non-repair)

Critical Diagnostic Information with Pocket HD™

The Pocket HD™ handheld scan tool provides immediate access to critical diagnostic information. Pocket HD™ comes loaded with both Heavy Duty Standard (HDS) and Light and Medium Truck 2016 (LMT). The ability to run special tests is not included.

This Pocket HD™ is both versatile and reliable. With a larger display and easy-to-use features, the Pocket HD™ puts essential diagnostic information at your fingertips.


The Pocket HD™ is supported by a range of accessories.

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