Electronic Parts Catalogues

  • EPC Features • Find the right part quickly • VIN filtering • Search for part number, part name, description, keyword etc. • Integration with the company's ordering system or business management system • Easy-to-use interface for beginners to professionals • Multiple job functionality • Display related parts information • Supports 28 languages • Browse the latest data from the web version of the electronic parts catalog • WEB version (online) and DVD version (offline) available • Multiple brands and products available from within the same EPC • Accurate data reduces costs such as increased inventory and reshipment due to returns • User license management available
  • Why Snap-on Business Solutions: • Provides electronic parts catalogs to manufacturers worldwide • Provides global support • Supports in Japanese from our Tokyo office • Responds flexibly to customer suggestions and requests • Has many years of rich implementation experience • Provides world-leading IT solutions by developed by parts sales experts

The Snap-on Business Solutions’ electronic parts catalog (EPC) is the world’s No. 1 after-sales parts catalog and has gained credibility with manufacturers around the world.

Snap-on has been building electronic parts catalogs since the early 1980s, and continues to lead the industry by providing exactly what dealers and manufacturers need, helping them achieve significant growth in their parts sales activities. Our experts are intimately familiar with after-sales processes, and provide one-stop support for implementation planning, requirements definition, development, and operation, all geared toward providing customers with the world’s best products and solutions.

EPC History
Snap-on Business Solutions has been producing paper catalogs and microfiche since the 1970s, and has been offering electronic parts catalogs since the early 1980s. Based on our many years of experience, we have compiled a track record of providing the finest EPCs that exceed the expectations of our customers.

World leading IT solution
We now deliver the world’s most advanced EPC, which incorporates dealer feedback, enabling an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that achieves unprecedented speed and accuracy in part searches. Our EPC includes advanced DMS integration to display parts stock quantity, parts retail price, etc. With the Snap-on Business Solutions EPC, you will increase sales parts sales, limit ordering errors, and reduce the number of items in stock, leading to greater business success.

Why an EPC?
Automobiles, motorcycles, heavy machinery, etc. are made of thousands of parts. You can spend a great deal of time and effort finding the right parts for a particular vehicle, only to find out that the part has been superseded by a newer part. Or, in addition to finding the right part, you may want to check the real-time parts inventory information of the nearest dealer. You may also want access to additional parts information from the manufacturer. As you can see, electronic parts catalogs are vital solutions, indispensable to the after-sales market. And, Snap on Business Solutions offer the most advanced electronic parts catalog available in the world today.

Future Development
Since developing the first electronic parts catalog for GM dealers in 1986, most of the world’s major automobile, motorcycle, marine engine, heavy machinery, agricultural, and construction equipment manufacturers have adopted our electronic parts catalogs. From our Japanese office, we help develop electronic parts catalogs for dealers for domestic and overseas deployment and provide global support. In addition, we introduce new products developed at our US headquarters to Japanese manufacturers that use our products. Future electronic parts catalogs will continue to provide customers with the latest parts information. Simply put, our technology is superior to that provided by our competitors and we are glad to provide it to many Japanese manufacturers.