Electronic Parts Catalogs

Parts. Found. Fast.

  • Web or locally-installed EPC options, with the same reliable interface on both:
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.
  • The web EPC is always up to date (no DVD or USB updates).
  • The local EPC is ideal as a back-up or primary system and includes automated Internet data updates.
  • VIN filtering at the illustration and part level improves search accuracy.
  • Advanced parts data content
  • Intelligent searches: Type what you know and Snap-on’s EPC will find what you need.
  • User notes and OEM notes
  • Type-to-narrow search results
  • Basic and advanced integration to dealer management systems (requires dealer management system provider participation)
  • Work on multiple jobs simultaneously, in the same window.
  • Easy-to-use illustrations
  • Advanced customizable email capabilities
  • Create customer estimates
  • Adjust filters manually for various vehicle configurations
  • Additional features included for most market-specific or brand-specific data

Snap-on’s flagship electronic parts catalog (EPC) delivers an unmatched level of parts information technology to parts counters around the world. With an incredibly easy to use interface and game-changing features, Snap-on’s EPC satisfies all your parts information needs in a single EPC.

Whenever someone visits your dealership for service, repairs, or parts, you have an opportunity to create an enthusiastic, life-long customer. Snap-on’s EPC can help turn that opportunity into reality.

Snap-on’s EPC delivers unmatched efficiency and productivity, helping to strengthen the ties that keep your customers coming back. With Snap-on’s EPC, parts pros can quickly find the parts they need or add accessories to a sale.

Advanced search capabilities means that you simply type what you know about the part (description, part number, part name, etc.) and Snap-on’s EPC will find what you need. With its unique Jobs feature, you can open as many parts look-ups as you like and switch between jobs with a single click. In other words, you can turn those interruptions into more sales!

Snap-on’s EPC seamlessly integrates with most dealer management systems (DMS), which means that you can see real-time inventory levels and customer pricing directly in the EPC, or transfer picklists directly to your business system.

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