autoVHC Electronic Vehicle Health Check

Increase sales opportunities and drive productivity

  • A state-of-the-art mobile walk-around vehicle inspection system that can adapt to Dealers of all sizes and to any processes already in place.
  • Cloud based web client allows access from any device & real time updates
  • Native inspection application removes the need for a permanent network connection
  • Able to quickly identify and document what service the vehicle requires with transparency to the customer
  • Customizable templates for MPI, PDI, and CPO checks to standardize your dealers processes.
  • Provides customer assurance and transparency
  • Online customer authorization (email, SMS)
  • Real-time sales process monitoring and up-sell opportunities- Easy identification of sold / unsold service work
  • Easy follow-ups with an automated system that tracks and reminds your dealers about identified, unsold work.
  • DMS Integration with autoVHC application
  • Online reporting hierarchical access at an OEM, group, region, and dealer level.

Solutions That Adapt to Your Processes

Snap-on’s autoVHC electronic vehicle health check system that will help increase your parts and sales revenue and drive productivity in the workshop and service reception for a more positive customer experience.

Dealerships that use autoVHC as part of their regular day-to-day parts and service sales processes especially enjoy the following:

A state-of-the-art mobile walk-around vehicle inspection feature that can adapt to retailers of all sizes and to any processes already in place. With autoVHC, they can enhance their processes to gain efficiency between departments and use photo and video tools to strengthen their sales process.

Accelerate Customer Approval for Service Work

They can send photos and videos to customers with online customer authorization features in autoVHC, or use email or SMS to notify customers of the work required to complete a repair and get immediate approval.

Increase Customer Pay

autoVHC’s solution ensures a consistent inspection process for every customer and allows dealership teams to find, document, and present work more efficiently. This results in more opportunities for upsell and follow-up. autoVHC increases efficiency with real-time process monitoring to easily identify sold and unsold work, presenting additional service-work upsell opportunities.

Two-way SMS Chat

An all-in-one solution allows them to communicate with customers without spending money on an expensive third-party solution. Chats are archived to support a transparent quality assurance process.


Multi-layered performance reporting allows them to drill down by service advisor, technician, parts group, and more. By using this information, they develop best practices from which their entire team can benefit.

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