Warranty Claim Validation

Improving the accuracy of claims, BEFORE they are submitted to the OEM.

  • Aids dealerships with warranty transaction submission by matching part number to labor code or labor code to part number
  • Eliminates terminology issues between parts and service
  • Provides comprehensive integration for OE labor time data and parts information
  • Serves as a single information source that displays relevant parts and labor data in one location
  • Repurposes EPC VIN filtering capabilities to aid in warranty transaction validation
  • Allows the entry of a failed part number to quickly retrieve corresponding labor information
  • Can reside in an OEM portal and leverage a current service application

Snap-on’s Warranty Claim Validation Tools

Processing warranty claims accurately can be difficult for dealerships, especially when it comes to ensuring that the correct labor codes are associated with the correct part numbers. Navigating long, complex validation processes, while gathering bits of claim information from many locations, can cause frustration and errors. The result? Rejected claims.

Snap-on’s warranty claim validation tools can change that.


Rejecting and reprocessing a claim can be costly. Our warranty validation tools reduce warranty transaction rejection rates.

Time Savings

Dealers can easily access warranty claim information in a single location. Timely, accurate warranty claim processing saves OEMs and their dealers time and money.

Increased Compliance

Our tools enhance OEM business processes. Establishing correct part number and labor code relationships helps dealerships follow OEM Service Policies and Procedures.

Quality Assurance

Our tools provide quality assurance capabilities that help validate the accuracy of the relationships between OEM parts data and OEM labor data.

Warranty Call Center Relief

Improved warranty claim accuracy results in fewer calls made to warranty call centers, reducing negative impact and staffing costs.

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