Warranty Management

  • Warranty Administration features include:
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Product registration
  • Claim processing
  • Parts return
  • Supplier recovery
  • Extended warranty
  • TREAD Act reporting

Snap-on Warranty Solution

Strong warranty management is a must-have in today’s market. OEMs incur staggering annual costs, often into the tens of millions of dollars, to support their warranty programs. Problems arise when warranty processes function in disparate silos such as product registration, claims processing, supplier recovery, and returns management. Different organizations within the service network fail to connect, delaying the flow of needed quality information and creating inefficiencies in warranty cost management and analysis.

Snap-on Business Solutions warranty management systems streamline your warranty processes between manufacturers, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and customers; increasing communication, eliminating waste and reducing costs.

We create warranty efficiencies, freeing your company from the burden of excess warranty costs and allowing you to concentrate on creating quality, profitable products. With start-to-finish product registration, claim submission and adjudication, parts return, and data analysis, our warranty solution supports you so that you can better support your customers.

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