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Recreation EPC


Evolution through simplification: Snap-on’s EPC 5 is built to help you get the parts information you need, when you need it. This is our easiest, most efficient EPC to date.

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Construction Agriculture / Consulting Coaching

Consulting and Coaching: Think Smart, Move Fast

We tailor and shape consultancy and coaching programmes to meet each customer’s specific needs. To this end, we offer a unique solution that combines our deep automotive experience and an extensive network of partners, each with specialized areas of expertise, to ensure that each project matches perfectly each customer’s needs and desired growth paths.

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Essential Showroom

Essential Showroom - Sales and Distribution Programmes

SBS provides Essential Showroom sales and distribution programmes on a global, regional, and national basis for multiple OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Each programme is uniquely tailored to the OEM's individual requirements, but all feature elements of our core services and functions.

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Equipment Programmes

SBS Equipment Programmes provide sales and distribution for products including warranty and support services for OEM dealers. SBS can create specific programmes to address vehicle campaigns, new vehicle technologies, or process changes.

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Business Management Service

Business Management Services: Measure and improve the performance of your Dealer Network

Making key decisions about the future of dealer networks requires high-quality usable information. Our business management services and expertise from our various resources helps transform dealer network data into usable KPIs that help monitor network health and identify key improvement opportunities by comparing them to various benchmark averages.

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PRISM - Bringing more sales to aftersales

PRISM is a valuable aftersales reporting tool that allows OEMs and dealers to quickly see which areas can be improved in order to sell more parts and labour. Additionally, it can manage a trade programme or control any marketing campaigns needed to improve sales on a dealer-by-dealer basis, regionally, or even at the country level.

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