Consulting and Coaching

Think Smart, Move Fast

  • Dealer Performance Improvement Programmes
  • Business management
  • Risk management and viability analysis
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Coaching to improve sales processes and enhance efficacy
  • Coaching to improve workshop and warehouse processes and profitability
  • Digital Store Facilities
  • Consultancy for digital stores appearance
  • Design and production
  • Coaching for new technologies
  • Content management
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Integration and automation
  • Opportunity management
  • Contact automation and content management
  • Brand management
  • Geomarketing
  • Network planning and network studies
  • Performance measurement and opportunity identification
  • Omni-channel network planning with new dealer formats
  • City studies (attractiveness, location score, viability model, brand affinity)

We tailor and shape consultancy and coaching programmes to meet each customer’s specific needs. To this end, we offer a unique solution that combines our deep automotive experience and an extensive network of partners, each with specialized areas of expertise, to ensure that each project matches perfectly each customer’s needs and desired growth paths.

After years of relative steadiness, your industry is evolving fast, driven by artificial intelligence, connectivity, autonomous equipment, and digital networks. These changes modify deeply the distribution model and network, resulting in fewer players concentrated in big conglomerates, a progressive decline of traditional vehicle or equipment ownership, new sales and marketing techniques, and an increasing need to make intelligent investments.

This scenario forces OEMs and dealers to adjust to market changes while maintaining the ability to take advantage of all the opportunities an improved distribution model can offer. Every organization is under pressure to increase productivity by delivering more with the same or fewer resources. When your field force or HQ is affected, maintaining an effective sales or service operation can be especially challenging.

Snap-on, with a complete programme of consultancy and coaching options, is the ideal partner for growth. We can guide you and your business through the transformation. We provide leading productivity solutions that increase productivity by eliminating wasted time and avoiding duplication. The result? More time spent selling, more consistently.

We got our start with tools, evolved into a people-focused company, and now believe strongly in both. Our tools collect years of historical data and gather the most recent information from a variety of current sources, allowing OEMs and dealers to forecast future scenarios, improve sales and aftersales businesses and processes, and develop efficient networks. Our team of consultants applies deep experience to enhance returns on investment, enable effective investment, increase efficiency and satisfaction, and maximize profits.