Standards Management

  • Multi-brand, multi-market, multi-contract
  • Enhances Corporate Governance capabilities. Manage core questionnaires and circulate to markets for use
  • Tool Kit function allows questionnaires to be maintained and new ones to be created
  • A lightweight mobile application, Android and iOS compatible
  • Audit Assignment function allows audit waves to be created quickly and efficiently.
  • Online storage of criteria and standards compliance information and guidelines.
  • Configurable business rules
  • Automatic creation of an action plan to remedy non-compliances
  • Audit status and compliance reporting

Snap-on Business Solutions designed their new Standards Management product to deliver powerful and effective Standards and Compliance monitoring. It streamlines your assignment, assessment, and follow-up processes. By connecting all your stakeholders, it helps you maximize productivity and program effectiveness.

You can drive brand loyalty by harmonizing your customers’ retail and fixed operations experiences. Doing so requires an effective standards program. Sustaining compliance can be expensive to monitor, and often distracts your key resources from critical business-driving tasks.

Snap-on Business Solutions designed the Standards Management Tool (SMS) to deliver powerful and effective standards and compliance monitoring. SMS streamlines your assessment and follow-up processes. It ties all your stakeholders together to help you maximize productivity and program effectiveness.

By increasing standards and compliance effectiveness, SMS cuts duplication and waste.