Custom OEM Kitted Solutions

Solutions for any automotive service and repair business need

  • OEM service information websites to satisfy Right to Repair requirements
  • Technician recruitment and retention
  • Kitted solutions
  • Service solutions, including quick lube kits or electric vehicle repair options
  • Custom branding and logos
  • Custom websites

Solutions Catered to your Unique Business Need

Snap-on Business Solutions provides custom solutions for any service need. We package Snap-on® products, tools, and tool boxes into a kitted solution unique to your needs and requirements. Our solutions provide for any business need related to automotive service and repair activities, technician support, or shop needs and may include marketing, distribution, and technical support.

To support a dealership’s technician recruitment and retention efforts, we provide custom tool kits for entry level or advanced technicians that provide them with everything they need to be productive. We also provide kits specific to express service needs. We can provide award products for service anniversaries, competency milestones, etc. that give technicians a sense of pride and something they can display proudly.

As you know, each OEM must comply with Right to Repair legislation by making vehicle service information available to the public. We develop custom websites geared specifically to this need. Our websites can be subscription-based or provide access to manuals and other information for purchase. Regardless of the complexity of your information, we can develop a site that satisfies all your needs and regulatory requirements.

We can also add any kind of private label, private branding, customer logo, etc. to products. We will work with you to define the requirements, source the products, create the brand, and help you market and distribute the solution.

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