Electronic Parts Catalogs

Parts. Found. Fast.

  • Web or locally-installed EPC options, with the same reliable interface on both.
  • Support for IE 11 browsers.
  • The web EPC is always up to date (no DVD or USB updates).
  • The local EPC (DVD or USB) is ideal as a back-up or primary system and includes automated Internet data updates for dealers in the United States and Canada.
  • VIN filtering at the illustration and part level improves search accuracy.
  • Advanced parts data content
  • Intelligent searches: Type what you know and Snap-on’s EPC will find what you need.
  • User notes and OEM notes
  • Type-to-narrow search results
  • Basic and advanced integration to dealer management systems (requires dealer management system provider participation)
  • Work on multiple jobs simultaneously, in the same window.
  • Easy-to-use illustrations
  • Create customer estimates
  • Adjust filters manually for various vehicle configurations
  • Additional features included for most market-specific or brand-specific data

The GM Global EPC delivers an unmatched level of parts information technology to parts counters around the world. With an incredibly easy to use interface and game-changing features, the GM EPC satisfies all your parts information needs.

Advanced search capabilities means that you simply type what you know about the part (description, part number, part name, etc.) and the GM Global EPC will find what you need. With its unique Jobs feature, you can open as many parts look-ups as you like and switch between jobs with a single click. In other words, you can turn those interruptions into more sales!

The GM Global EPC seamlessly integrates with most dealer management systems (DMS), which means that you can see real-time inventory levels and customer pricing directly in the EPC, or transfer picklists directly to your business system.

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