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Volkswagen Vehicle Personalization Center

The Vehicle Personalization Center (VPC) provides an attention grabbing way for you to sell more accessories on your showroom floor at the time a car is sold!

Sell more accessories with the VPC from Snap-on!

32” VPC Kiosk features:

  • 32” touchscreen monitor
  • Attention-grabbing platform mimics a large smartphone or tablet
  • Large, 2-sided graphics panel promotes accessories and is customized to dealer’s brand offering
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy for customers to interact with the tool
  • Integrated literature holders

Vehicle Personalization Center (VPC) package includes:

Kiosk Hardware:

  • Large high-definition touchscreen monitor
    – Specifically engineered for use in high-demand commercial installations.
  • Powerful yet compact PC modules
    – Small-form factor Windows PC
    – Include wireless keyboard & mouse
    – Support internet connectivity via Wi-Fi & Ethernet connection
  • Large, full-color graphic panels configured to dealer’s brand offering
    – Graphic panels can be updated to support new branding initiatives

Service & Support:

  • VPC package includes system installation, configuration & technical support
  • Insignia software training (WebEx-based)
  • Insignia Customer Care Telephone Support
  • 3-year warranty on all display and hardware components
  • 48-hour equipment replacement