EPC 5 for Ford: Essentials

Enhancing the Efficiency of Ford Parts Professionals

Introducing the EPC 5 Tips Feature

Date: 02/20/2018

EPC 5 now provides detailed information about some of the EPC's most important features. Select Ford EPC 5 Tips from the Information menu to access the tips page:

Click a topic icon to view the information you want:

The EPC 5 for Ford Website

Date: 12/04/2017

The EPC 5 for Ford website provides many resources that can help you get the most out of EPC 5. For example, you can:

  • Scroll through this page for valuable information about various EPC 5 features
  • Click a video link to the right to view specific tutorials
  • Use the links to the left for answers to frequently asked questions and other information
  • Click the Support link at the top of the page for additional information, or to contact our award-winning, US-based support technicians.

The Parts List Filtering Feature Adds Power to EPC 5 Searches

Date: 10/04/2017

The EPC 5 parts list filtering feature makes looking up specialized parts, such as rear axle parts for older trucks, remarkably easy. An advanced filtering algorithm allows EPC 5 to use decoded VIN information to significantly narrow the range of parts displayed on the parts list.

The result? As you can see, when the filtering feature is on, you see only the parts you need.

Click here to learn more about how parts list filtering can improve your efficiency.

Multiple Jobs Feature Adds Power to EPC 5

Date: 03/14/2017

How often do you get interrupted while looking up a part? With the Multiple Jobs feature in EPC 5, you can work on multiple vehicles at once, without losing your place or opening a new window!

You can keep as many jobs open as you like, each with its own tab. And, you can build a separate picklist for each job! Click on a tab to open its job:

Renaming a Job

To rename a job, right-click on a job tab, then select Rename:

Type a new name, then click Save:

The new name will appear on the job tab:

Closing a Job

When you are finished with a job, click the X on the top right corner of the tab to close the job.

Please note that when you close EPC 5, all job tabs are closed.

Advanced Search Capabilities Power EPC 5 for Ford

Date: 01/24/2017

The Search field in EPC 5 can deliver a surprising level of power. You can tap into this power enter by entering more than a part number or part name to begin a search. For instance, you can begin a search by typing any of the following:

  • Base number
  • Part number
  • Engineering number
  • Part name
  • Axle ID number
  • Multiple base numbers
  • Partial part number
  • Partial engineering number
  • Motorcraft number
  • Calibration ID number

In the example below, we navigated to a 2015 Ford Fusion and entered base number 2200:

Clicking the Search button will take us directly to the Rear Brake Discs and Calipers page for the vehicle, with the 2200 Brake Shoe Kit highlighted:

Viewing Previous Search Results

You have a couple of options for viewing previous search results. Clicking the Search box arrow displays a list of recent search criteria:

If you complete a search, then close the Search Results window, you won’t lose your search results. Simply click the Search button to re-open the window, which will display the results of your most recent search. From there, you can select another part, or begin a new search.

Bill of Materials Now Available for EPC 5 for Ford

Date: 10/28/2016

Did you know that Bill of Material (BOM) information for medium and heavy duty Ford trucks is now included in EPC 5 for Ford? This data is accessible by all Ford dealerships. BOM makes parts specification easier for medium and heavy duty trucks since it contains the build sheet for the vehicle. BOM data is a one to one match of the engineering number to the service number placed on the vehicle at time of production.

When you enter a VIN for a medium duty truck that has a BOM, the BOM - BILL OF MATERIALS group appears at the top of the Group Index.

Click the BOM group to open the related Illustration Index:

Continue navigating until you find the part or illustration you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What search types are available in the Smart Search field in EPC 5 for Ford?

You can search for eight different items using the single Smart Search field from any Ford catalog.

How often is EPC 5 updated for Ford?

Data updates are available weekly for both the web and local versions of Snap-on EPC 5.

Note that the optional automatic internet updates feature is required for local application data updates.

How is the local EPC installed?

The local version requires installation from DVD media. Optional USB media options are available for Chrysler, and Ford U.S. dealers.

What are some key new benefits of EPC 5?

Multiple concurrent lookups.
Advanced search.
Ability to e-mail illustrations.
Choice of web and local installations.
Multiple supersession.
Migration of user notes.

How does Snap-on EPC 5 differ from my previous Snap-on catalog product?

EPC 5 has many feature upgrades and is offered as a web-based or local application.

The user interface has been dramatically simplified with a focus on ease-of-use and speed to answer. The new interface for EPC 5 is identical whether you are using the web or the local product.

What are the system requirements for the web EPC?

Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 17, or Chrome 14.
Flash: Version 11.5+.
Java: 1.6_16+. (Required for DMS Integration, not available in Chrome)
Internet Connection: 2 Mbps or faster.

I’m renewing my contract with Snap-on in the next 6 months, am I eligible to migrate to EPC 5 now?

Yes. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 to begin the process of making the switch to Snap-on EPC 5.

Will switching to EPC 5 cause any turmoil in my parts department?

No. The process is designed to be as smooth as possible. Snap-on EPC 5 will be immediately usable by those familiar with electronic parts catalogs, and is easily learned by new parts counter associates.

Are all of the key benefits of my previous Snap-on product still available in EPC 5?

Yes. All of the key benefits of the old product are still available in EPC 5 from Snap-on. All existing integration services are also available.

What are the system requirements for the local EPC?

System requirements depend on your installation set-up (client/server or standalone systems) and your version of Windows. Specific requirements can be found on our EPC 5 Product Information Sheet.

Can I run EPC 5 locally?

Yes. Snap-on EPC 5 is offered as a web-based or local application. You can select the number of seats of each type of installation that best suits the needs of your parts department.

The local EPC is suitable for use as a main EPC or backup. It maximizes your ability to continue selling parts even if your Internet connection goes down.

Is there a difference between the local EPC and the web based EPC?

No. Whether on the web or on DVD your users will access the same EPC.

My contract expires in the next couple years, can I make the switch to EPC 5 today?

Yes. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 for more information about migrating to Snap-on EPC 5.

How do I receive weekly data updates to the locally installed EPC?

Automatic internet updates are configured when EPC 5 is installed. You do not need to take any action to get updates, other than be on the Internet and have your PC turned on.

What contract options are available for my dealership?

Snap-on offers varying contract options and terms. Call 888.543.0894 to get in touch with your sales representative.

Do automatic internet updates to the local product cost extra?

No. The feature is optional, however, and does require activation.

Is there training available for EPC 5?

Yes, Snap-on offers remote and on-site training for all our applications. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 for further details.

Can I run EPC 5 on the web?

Yes. Snap-on EPC 5 is offered as a web-based or local application. You can select the number of seats of each type of installation that best suits the needs of your parts department.

The web-based EPC is available via your PC browser, is always current, and requires no installation or DVD backups. The EPC is hosted on Snap-on’s highly secure servers with guaranteed, rock-solid up-time.

How is the web EPC accessed?

Usernames and passwords and a web link are provided at the time of your order.