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Customer Testimonials

Feedback from real EPC 5 for Ford users

Listening to our customers has been instrumental in delivering EPC 5 for Ford. Below are some of the candid testimonials that our customers have shared with us.

"I was hired at this dealership with zero experience looking up Ford parts, I struggled using Microcat because of the lack of base number knowledge. Once I was introduced to Snap-on’s EPC 5, I no longer had the same issues I experienced with Microcat. I don’t ever miss Microcat. I never have a wrong part number in EPC 5, I love it! Looking for suspension, BOOM! Looking for tune-ups, BOOM! EPC 5 makes it so easy!"

Billy Banister, Parts Manager
Carolina Ford - Honea Path, SC

"Snap-on’s EPC 5 for Ford is much easier to use with engineering numbers and older vehicles, especially when you use a VIN, older vehicles now with VIN it takes you right to the part number. Snap-on EPC 5 is a trusted system."

Terry Stanley, Parts Manager
Ganley Ford Lincoln Mercury - Middleburg Heights, OH

"I had a particular situation where a customer needed a water tube and he gave me his VIN number and it indicated it was a ’99 Ford F-150, looked up the part and it was wrong. After trying two times I found an engineering number on the old part, crossed over to a part that fits a 2000 Crown Vic, without Snap-on EPC 5’s cross reference ability in a sub-section I would have never have found the part! DOES II did not display any information. The customer had been to two different places for help and no one could help him. EPC 5 has given me more help and I am looking into Ford’s system less. Keep up the GOOD work!"

Steve Rice, Parts Manager
Don Reid Ford - Maitland, FL

"There are a lot of beneficial features in Snap-on EPC 5, such as being able to input a "street" name in the search, i.e. ECM. Also, in the search field, you can input multiple base numbers. The email option directly from the catalog is extremely helpful. As a whole, the new catalog has a ton of great features and seems to be widely accepted by everyone on the retail/wholesale counter."

Michael Fluty, Part Sales Representative
Bartow Ford - Bartow, FL

"I like the web based version of EPC 5 for Ford. We can access it anywhere. No updating for us. EPC 5 runs faster than the DVD version. I like the ability to have multiple searches at the same time, the colored pictures and more detailed information. The functions are more user friendly."

Joe Kelley, Parts Director
Elder Ford of Tampa - Tampa, FL

"Our dealership had been using CPD-S for more than 15 years, most of our guys were very reluctant to even consider any other catalog system. Without exception, the reviews of EPC 5 have been favorable, the transition was much smoother than expected, and the tweaks that come each month are only making it better. Suffice to say, we are very impressed!!"

Paul Smith, Parts Manager
Pundmann Ford - St. Charles, MO

"We made the switch from Microcat Live, and were pleasantly surprised. More cost-effective, more features, and customer service actually takes our suggestions for improvement seriously. Good product."

William Byrd, Parts Manager
Riser Ford - Little Rock, AR

"The new Snap-on EPC 5 for Ford is fast, intuitive, and comprehensive. It is easy for someone new to the counter, as well as an old hand like myself. Multiple ways to look up our parts, and with the ease of rolling parts lists to the billing system make this an efficient catalog. Tell your design team to give themselves a big hand!"

John Westley Blankenship, Parts Manager
Buster Miles Ford - Heflin, AL

"My staff hates change. I was concerned about making the switch to the Snap-on EPC but now that we have, we are glad we did. Before using the Snap-on EPC we had so much trouble locating the right parts through our other catalog provider’s solution, it got to the point that we had to start calling another local dealership to have them look up parts for us. That is embarrassing. We asked them what EPC they were using and they said the Snap-on EPC that is part of what helped us know it was time to change providers. Snap-on also won our business by keeping in touch with us and asking us for feedback on future products. It was obvious they were partnering with us for the best EPC solution. Once the Snap-on EPC was installed, we quickly found out how easy it was to learn and how intuitive looking up parts is through the Snap-on EPC."

Tim Correll, Parts Manager
Cloninger Ford Toyota - Salisbury, NC

"Snap-on services were great when we were getting started using the product. I have used the Snap-on EPC for over 10 years and they continue to keep the bar set high. The install went flawlessly and any questions were answered, the tech was very helpful. I would recommend Snap-on at every given chance."

Todd Hawkins, Parts Manager
Hinder Ford - Aberdeen, MD

"EPC 5 is the best catalog I have used in my 15 years as a Ford Master Certified Parts Counterperson. The ease of use is leaps and bounds ahead of any catalog currently available. Engineering number crosses return results far better than any other. The parts integration assistant makes transferring to our DMS a breeze. Snap-on definitely hit a homerun with this product. Greatly appreciate a catalog that makes my job easier!! Congrats to Snap-on."

Tony Brownlee, Parts Specifier
Brondes Ford - Toledo, OH

"Snap-on EPC 5 is as good of a catalog as I have ever used. It is accurate and very user friendly. I love the email feature that allows you to email pictures or parts list to customers. Very well put together catalog."

Johnny Daniels, Parts Manager
Bar-W Ford - Tulia, TX

"We have been using the new Snap-on EPC 5 for about 3 weeks. It is such a more powerful EPC than other catalogs. The multiple look-up sessions that allow you to keep many different vehicles you are working on open and active is phenomenal. While you can still only see one at a time, you don't have to close one out to start another and then start over when you go back to the original vehicle. You just open another tab! Brilliant!!! Also love the search window that allows you to put in a part number and see all the vehicles this part fits. I have used this many more times than I ever thought I would. Valuable asset. It took about two days to relearn our way around the new catalog, but once we did, it is an awesome tool I cannot imagine being without. And I am sure there are features we are not even using yet. And your support staff was marvelous to work with during the launch! Your company has been a class act to work with on this project."

Ed Winterbauer
Fred Martin Ford, Youngstown, OH

"Very user friendly. Good product!"

Mike McCoy
Mac Haik Ford, Georgetown, TX

"The layout is easy to navigate and is as accurate as our current EPC."

Danny Pitt
Mac Haik Ford, Georgetown, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run EPC 5 locally?

Yes. Snap-on EPC 5 is offered as a web-based or local application. You can select the number of seats of each type of installation that best suits the needs of your parts department.

The local EPC is suitable for use as a main EPC or backup. It maximizes your ability to continue selling parts even if your Internet connection goes down.

Is there a difference between the local EPC and the web based EPC?

No. Whether on the web or on DVD your users will access the same EPC.

My contract expires in the next couple years, can I make the switch to EPC 5 today?

Yes. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 for more information about migrating to Snap-on EPC 5.

How do I receive weekly data updates to the locally installed EPC?

Automatic internet updates are configured when EPC 5 is installed. You do not need to take any action to get updates, other than be on the Internet and have your PC turned on.

What contract options are available for my dealership?

Snap-on offers varying contract options and terms. Call 888.543.0894 to get in touch with your sales representative.

Do automatic internet updates to the local product cost extra?

No. The feature is optional, however, and does require activation.

Is there training available for EPC 5?

Yes, Snap-on offers remote and on-site training for all our applications. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 for further details.

Can I run EPC 5 on the web?

Yes. Snap-on EPC 5 is offered as a web-based or local application. You can select the number of seats of each type of installation that best suits the needs of your parts department.

The web-based EPC is available via your PC browser, is always current, and requires no installation or DVD backups. The EPC is hosted on Snap-on’s highly secure servers with guaranteed, rock-solid up-time.

How is the web EPC accessed?

Usernames and passwords and a web link are provided at the time of your order.

What search types are available in the Smart Search field in EPC 5 for Ford?

You can search for eight different items using the single Smart Search field from any Ford catalog.

How often is EPC 5 updated for Ford?

Data updates are available weekly for both the web and local versions of Snap-on EPC 5.

Note that the optional automatic internet updates feature is required for local application data updates.

How is the local EPC installed?

The local version requires installation from DVD media. Optional USB media options are available for Chrysler, and Ford U.S. dealers.

What are some key new benefits of EPC 5?

Multiple concurrent lookups.
Advanced search.
Ability to e-mail illustrations.
Choice of web and local installations.
Multiple supersession.
Migration of user notes.

How does Snap-on EPC 5 differ from my previous Snap-on catalog product?

EPC 5 has many feature upgrades and is offered as a web-based or local application.

The user interface has been dramatically simplified with a focus on ease-of-use and speed to answer. The new interface for EPC 5 is identical whether you are using the web or the local product.

What are the system requirements for the web EPC?

Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 17, or Chrome 14.
Flash: Version 11.5+.
Java: 1.6_16+. (Required for DMS Integration, not available in Chrome)
Internet Connection: 2 Mbps or faster.

I’m renewing my contract with Snap-on in the next 6 months, am I eligible to migrate to EPC 5 now?

Yes. Contact your sales representative at 888.543.0894 to begin the process of making the switch to Snap-on EPC 5.

Will switching to EPC 5 cause any turmoil in my parts department?

No. The process is designed to be as smooth as possible. Snap-on EPC 5 will be immediately usable by those familiar with electronic parts catalogs, and is easily learned by new parts counter associates.

Are all of the key benefits of my previous Snap-on product still available in EPC 5?

Yes. All of the key benefits of the old product are still available in EPC 5 from Snap-on. All existing integration services are also available.

What are the system requirements for the local EPC?

System requirements depend on your installation set-up (client/server or standalone systems) and your version of Windows. Specific requirements can be found on our EPC 5 Product Information Sheet.