Build-A-Bay & Build-A-Bay Parts Room Storage

Modular and customizable to fit your needs.

  • Innovative, custom-designed products for service and parts storage
  • CAD drawings of your shop and parts room design provided
  • Factory authorized installations
  • Modular design allows the product to fit together in multiple configurations
  • Superior, first-class powder coated finishes
  • Increased productivity
  • Designed to meet each customer’s unique needs. Not a “cookie cutter” product
  • Ergonomically-designed product
  • Shelving posts are made with 14 gauge steel. Shelving is 22 or 20 gauge steel
  • Tool boxes are double-wall construction with z bracing and corner gussets
  • Efficient storage areas for tools, parts, tires, hoods, fenders, etc.
  • Custom work surfaces for benching and other uses
  • Six standard paint colors and custom wraps to match customer color requirements
  • Special financing solutions

Build-a-Bay™ is Made for Service and Parts Departments

Build-a-Bay™ is an innovative modular and customizable designed concept for your service and parts departments. Customers and technicians alike have been “blown away” by the concept.

By taking the service area to a new level, Build-a-Bay helps build your business. It increases consumer confidence, and builds employee loyalty and organizational pride and profit. Technicians have been using our products for nearly 100 years. Build-a-Bay has been time tested and is a way of making sure every new customer becomes a repeat customer and every technician hour worked becomes an ROI.

Increase Productivity, Customer Satisfaction & ROI

Build-a-Bay™ is a smart investment, not only for today, which is measured by increased productivity and efficient parts storage, but also for tomorrow.

Training new technicians takes time and costs money, so part of your ROI is measured by technician retention. Having a technician leave after three years to go somewhere else for a dollar more is a waste of your valuable resources. With the Build-a-Bay system in place, new technicians can spend their money on the tools that will help them get the job done right, the first time. Build-a-Bay instills the kind of “blown away” pride that makes new technicians feel that their first job just might be their last job.

We partner with many schools and colleges to provide a real work environment to your future technicians, so they recognize quality. Build-A-Bay in your facility gives you the edge to attract the best talent from the top schools, helping to ensure your future business.

Outfitting your shop with the industry’s best displays a clean, organized atmosphere and gives your customers piece of mind knowing that their cars will be well taken care of. Build-A-Bay clearly demonstrates the pride you have in your business, while building customer confidence and satisfaction.

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