Essential Showroom - Sales and Distribution Programmes

  • SBS is Hardware Agnostic – We work with multiple hardware suppliers for digital signage solutions such as - Samsung, NEC, ELOTouch, IILYAMA, Intel, Gigabyte, Apple.
  • SBS provides content management solutions (CMS) for deployment of content to digital signage - Samsung MagicInfo, Scala, Telelogos, Signage Live, and Screen Cooking.
  • SBS manages hardware supply chains to maintain inventory levels to support the programme.
  • SBS can host CMS solutions and deploy content for OEMs on a national, regional, and global bases.
  • SBS can provide design services for vehicle totems, podiums, and outside signage,
  • SBS experienced installations team will install all the digital elements of your showroom.
  • Global multi-lingual Tier 1 or Tier 2 technical support and installation services that include options for advance replacement and on-site replacement if required.
  • Full easy-to-access, on-line reporting dashboard portals provide complete overviews on programme metrics, performance, and KPIs
  • SBS can fully instrument a showroom, providing visitor footfall, age, and sex demographics, and customer dwell times

SBS provides Essential Showroom sales and distribution programmes on a global, regional, and national basis for multiple OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Each programme is uniquely tailored to the OEM’s individual requirements, but all feature elements of our core services and functions.