Network Toolkit – Plan and Manage Your Dealer Network

  • Analyse, plan, and manage your dealer network locations with this online geomarketing tool
  • “What If?” scenario planning capabilities allow you to compare the suitability of implementing different dealer locations
  • Forecast sales and service business for all dealers and calculate the impact of moving or changing your dealer network
  • Create reports on territories and drivetimes or create and edit territories and drivetimes.
  • Use “Smart Maps” to quickly analyse coverage or to find areas of opportunity or overlap in your network
  • Dynamically analyse brand and dealer sales and aftersales performance in maps and tables
  • Use the Data Manager to import your own territories, networks, and other datasets
  • Share and analyse geographical information throughout your organisation
  • Visualise own brand and competitor sales performance of territories, catchments, or postcodes with choropleth shade maps
  • Visualise information on your network with thematic shade maps and points

Network Toolkit is our network planning and management solution designed with non-specialists in mind. It includes powerful, intuitive functionality, beautiful map visualisations, one-click analytics, dynamic scenario planning, smart maps, and dynamic, automated functions such as territory and isochrone creation and reporting.

Network Toolkit provides franchise and network planning departments, with the tools necessary to plan and manage an entire dealer network. Our dynamic, intuitive tools save time (and frustration) on repetitive network planning tasks.

As the way that people buy cars is changing, Network Toolkit allows you to bring together a range of datasets to powerfully analyse and answer some of the questions that are challenging OEM’s today:

  • What is the sales and service impact of adding a new dealer here?
  • Is this dealer viable in this location?
  • What format of dealer is best in this location?
  • What service capacity do we need to cater for the service opportunity here?
  • What is the best possible territory structure for my network?
  • How are we performing in this territory compared to our competitors?
  • How does our network structure compare with our competitors?
  • Where are there ‘holes’ in our network?
  • What facilities are required in this location